Three squeezes means I Love You . . .
A message to and from Heaven 4/21/07

There is a man (Bo) who I was put in touch with who was losing his battle with cancer - he had been given 6 months back in June of 2006, but had lived through Christmas, and I was able to meet him just before the Super Bowl in January, 2007.

He had offered to take a message to Travis for us when God decided his time was done here.

After his favorite team - the Colts - won the Super Bowl, he set small goals - like making it through Valentine's Day - St. Patrick's Day - Easter - then April 16th, he went to Heaven.

I'm so sad for his family, but was hopeful that maybe he could actually remember my message to Travis - it was:

"We all miss you so much. Save up all your adventures to share with us when we get there.

See you in a few years if not before. Love Mom & Dad"

He told me in January that he read my message every day so he wouldn't forget (what a selfless and compassionate person - I'll never forget him).

My neighbor is the person that put us in touch, so I went with her to his Celebration of Life.

I was trying to get a feeling for if I could tell Travis got the message and during the service, my neighbor spoke about Bo - he had asked her to - and she had everyone join hands at the service, & squeeze the hand of the people on either side of us 3 times. She explained that this was a silent message from Bo - three squeezes of the hand - meaning I Love You.

Now for the best part. . . I was so excited when she had us do that, because that is exactly what I did with Travis from the time he was a little boy - I always had to hold his hand pretty firmly at times, because he was so active and wanted to get away and could become in danger, so told him we had a secret code - 3 squeezes meant I Love you - he then would squeeze back 4 squeezes meaning I Love You Too - then I would do 2 squeezes meaning How Much - and he would squeeze my hand as hard as he could to show me how much he loved me ! Sometimes he initiated the hand squeeze and it would be reversed. So I felt like that was my silent sign from Travis that he got my message from Bo and was telling me how much he loved me too. It took me a few days to figure out if I was just wanting it to be a message, but when I told my friend about it, she said - "YES! Of course that is your message from him - what better way could he show you?" So I'm convinced.