A Year and the Beginning of
a Lifetime
of Remembering and Healing

As we’ve journeyed through our first year of difficult moments (putting it mildly), and move into the rest of our lives without Travis, we’ve been given some whispers from God and candles to light our way. Sometimes we see gentle lights of hope on the horizon, we can dismiss these as apparitions, accidents, or anomalies. Anything but God. We want to believe the way God should do this is that . . .“All pain will flee. Life will be tranquil. No questions will remain. Our life will be happy and the way it used to be.” We're starting to learn that God’s lights in our dark nights are as numerous as the stars, if only we’ll look for them, but often we look for the bonfire, so we miss the candle. Because we listen for the shout, we miss the whisper.

So these pages are dedicated to the unexpected candles and whispers God has been displaying to us and offering us a helping hand out of our grief & comfort that He is caring for Travis, now and always. . and also just ways we’ve chosen to hold Travis’s memory close to us. . .we must live our lives, but he will never be forgotten. . .7/31/07

Fall/Hunting 2006
Christmas 2006
Febuary 2, 2007
Three Squeezes
April 2007