Travis was with us in spirit at our annual hunting trip 9/06:

We took our annual hunting trip to Lassen in September 2006 and were there for 9 days - we just fished this year - no hunting. Travis loved the place we go, and being with lots of the Byars (Mom's side) family - he was 1 month old the first time we took him there - I was recovering from my 3rd C section, and nursing him and had an 18 month old (Jared) and 3 year old (Brandon) as well as a newborn (Travis), and it snowed that year, so I think I left the camper once or twice that year.

So this year we had lots of emotions and memories - it being the first year without Travis - Randy had a pretty difficult time when we first got there, and Brandon & Jared spent lots of time on the lake - Jared fished with Travis's Tackle Box and pole - it was beautiful weather, and the fishing was the best we've ever experienced - Joanna was even able to come up for a bit & caught her first fish. It was the best year we’ve ever had there for fishing.

It was interesting watching the wildlife - everything I saw reminded me of Travis - a single Bald Eagle lives on that lake now - also a single Osprey. We saw a buck come down to the lake by itself. So our journey of firsts continues, it brings tears and heartache, but healing as well. We will survive, and the comfort of being with our other sons is so sweet.   Aunts and Uncles and Cousins & Grandparents all missed Travis as well.