Remembering Travis at Christmas 2007

Brandon, Cora, and Claudia went to the Tree of Remembrance again this year and hung an ornament for Travis. Our friend Patty, who lost her Father this year, went with us to honor her Father.

I also lit up our window this Christmas with Memories of Travis in Heaven. We miss Travis so much - we will always do a few things to keep him part of our present.

My friend Patty sent me her interpretation of our Angel Display in our window this Chirstmas...

Mom is taking care of one of the boys and Dad is helping out the other while the Angel watches over Travis. It brings tears to my eyes and pain in my heart.

My thoughts are that You and Randy are as always watching over your boys…………………But the Angel is taking care now of Travis.

He feels no pain, no struggles, and no thoughts of letting you guys down. He now knows in his heart that he could never do that but earth let’s children believe that they let their parents down but now………………….he sees he is with the Biggest Parent of all The Father of all. The only one that can take your pain of not taking care of Travis and let you know that it has crossed over to the Lord. That the Lord has seen that you both have done the best, everything for your children all the while honoring your Lord though your care for them.

I would imagine that the Lord is saying OK you guys it is my turn to put the care of Travis on my shoulders for you are good and faithful servants and Travis will want for nothing. ………………. My heart is saying when it is right you will take to your heart how wonderful a set of parents you guys are. I feel like God is saying this is for Travis, he needed something no one on Earth could give him even with all the love of his family. He needed peace, comfort with out earthly pains from his disease. You both could not do that no one could…………………..But God can and has for Travis.