Brandon and Jared went thorough the physical pain of Tattooing Travis onto their bodies - he will always be remembered and loved, but this was a tangible way for them to Memorialize their younger brother - I (Mom) was there to take pictures! Travis's name will be added later, on the ribbon of the Nor Cal Star . . .

Travis would have done the same for either of his brothers - He just gets to watch from Heaven right now!

Brandon & Jared - The Day is finally here to do the Tattoo!

Brothers forever! Travis has his arms surrounding his brothers forever!
Travis is smiling at the love his brothers have displayed for him!
Jared was all done

Here's the NorCal Star outline - Travis's Name etc will be added to the banner that runs through the star at a later date.

Ouch! Brandon!

More work

And the pain goes on!

Brandon in the mirror

We'll always remember this day!

Inspecting Jared's

Finished for now!

Auntie with Jared

Brandon's Turn - While we look on.