Travis Robbins

P.O. Box 734

Forest Ranch, CA 95942

(530) 345-5734



Objective†††††††††††††††† Seeking a job to assist with my living expenses, gain experience in my fields of interest, and move toward my career goal. Long range career goal is to become a building contractor.


Education††† ††††††††††† Pleasant Valley High School

Course emphasis is college preparation; Graduate June 2004


Special Courses/Training

Auto shop, computer class, construction work


Experience †††††††††††† Jackie Castaldo, Forest Ranch, CA95942 (530)000-0000


         Stacking wood

         Moving ground cover, rocks, wood, raking, cutting brush

         All kinds of yard maintenance work


Randy Robbins, Forest Ranch, CA 95942 (530) 345-5734


         Construction work

         All kinds of construction work/labor

         Cleaning up around the job site


Sue Pellacio, Forest Ranch, CA 95942 ( 530) 000-0000




         Cleaning up paint


Strengths†††††††††††††††† Every since I was a little boy I have been working with my father doing construction work of all kinds; remodeling and building houses, roofing, drywall, pouring cement, framing, painting, and many other activities related to construction. I work very well with others, money, and my hands, as a result of working with my brothers and working independently by myself for others. I work great unsupervised, I learn quickly, am intelligent and receive good grades in school, I hate liars, therefore am very honest, Iím loyal and reliable and am very pleasant to work with. I have taken 2 CPR classes and know a good amount of Spanish. I have great physical stamina, love to problem-solve, and always stick to the job. You can always count on me to get the job done right, the first time.



                  Jackie Castaldo

                  House Wife

                  Forest Ranch, CA95942


                  Terry and Ron White

                  Candy vender despenser

                  Forest Ranch, CA95942

                  Harry and Maxine Rhine
                  Retired 4807 Schott Rd.

                  Forest Ranch, CA 95942