I (Claudia) was recently at a Survivors meeting where we were encouraged to Journal our thoughts of those we are separated from, and missing.   We were  encouraged to complete the following unfinished sentences.  The thought is that in doing so, it might help us express some of our hidden, unfulfilled wishes, thoughts and feelings.  I found that thoughts popped into my head very quickly - which I believe is the intention of this exercise.  Not something to 'get exactly right', because it can be done again at another time, and the answers could be completely different - I feel it would also be interesting to hear the thoughts of others that are missing Travis - I would greatly benefit from reading anything you might want to share with me.   Others might as well.

So the newest addition to Travis's website will be this Journal - for those that might desire to express their thoughts or feelings.  You are welcome to just print it, fill it out and keep it for yourself to ponder, or I would love it if you might share it with me - you can copy/paste and e-mail it to me at , if you would be willing to have it posted on the website, I will ask my dear friend, Amy, who helps me so lovingly with this website, to post your thoughts on a separate page - with your name on it, or as anonymous - whatever you would desire.  You are also welcome to skip any questions you might not want to answer at this time.

You will find my Journaling thoughts from June 2009 here

Journal page from Barbara H - our dear family friend 11-09

Journal page of Corine.. Travis' loving Aunt and my sister/friend always.

Journal page of Sue Hagen - a friend of many years 10/10

It is my desire and hope that we find this rewarding and comforting - as we continue to hold Travis's memory close and dear:

1)  When I now hear your name mentioned, I:

2)  One of the last things I remember I did with you was: 

3)  Since your death, my life:

4)  I always wanted to ask you:

5)  I wish I had:

6)  I miss:

7)  I wish you had:

8)  My friends don't understand that:

9)  I'm furious that:

10)  If you were living now:

11)  I find it hard to forgive:

12)  My greatest surprise since you died is:

13)  What scares me the most is:

14)  Wonderful recollections I'll never forget are: