Corine's Journal

1)  When I now hear your name mentioned, I think of all the fun times we had.

2)  When I think of the last thing I did with you I envision the ocean & its healing when all this began for you on our trip to Oregon.  I am so grateful for that time & your sense of humor.

3)  Since your death, my life has seen much pain.  But in it all it has shown the power of our Great God to heal, to provide, to comfort & to prove His love.

4)  I always wanted to ask you. . . I actually always asked you what I wanted to know when I thought of it - for that I am grateful.

5)  I wish I had had more time one on one with you to really appreciate your love for our Lord.

6)  I miss Battlecreek fires, your hugs (they were so tender & passionate), your smile, & your love.

7)  I wish you had been able to ask for help from any or all of us.  We would have done anything to help.

8)  My friends don't understand that even tho life goes on a hole is in my heart that God has to keep plugging.  It reopens when grief comes my way.

9)  If you were living now you would be sad to see how the world is going & people you love are struggling.

10)  I'm furious that our world has so many toxins and stress factors that trigger our bodies to shut down.

11)  My greatest surprise since you died is how much God loves us to keep sharing little things with us that trigger our memories of you.

12)  What scares me the most is trying to survive in this changing world.