Journal page from Barbara H
our dear family friend 11-09

1)  When I now hear your name mentioned, I get both a sweet memory and  a sad heart for all who miss you so much. I always see your kind smile in my mind when I hear your name.

2)  One of the last things I remember I did with you was visiting at CVC along with your brothers and hearing about your lives as adults. I treasure that evening.

3)  Since your death, my life has changed as I am more aware of enjoying each moment with those close to me. I am encouraged by the knowledge that you are with others I love in heaven.

4)  I always wanted to ask you what made the world go around for you-what you really wanted in life.

5)  I wish I had spent more time that evening asking about your life, thoughts, hopes, desires, dreams, cares, everything.

6)  I wish you had been able to find a way to tell someone your pain so that we could all have had you with us longer, especially your family. 

7)  If you were living now I'd want to hear all about your life-especially outdoor adventures.

8)  What scares me the most is that people I love may leave before they know the Lord-I am thankful to know that we can have peace about your eternal life with the Lord.

9)  Wonderful recollections I'll never forget are many times together with your family when you were little, and also visiting with your mom and hearing all about what you were up to after you moved away.