Travis's Garden

You Will be Remembered
Spring 2008

As the springtime comes to Forest Ranch again, so many things remind us of Travis. We spent 2006 and 2007 planting trees and flowers in our front yard to remember Travis - Friends donated plants and funds that helped make this project possible.

Grandma & Grandpa Byars gave us this plaque for our garden this year & Aunt Corine gave us a Bleeding Heart Plant the year Travis left us, and it blooms in March - every year.

Our family donated Tulip Trees that were blooming for his service March 2006, and they also bloom first thing in the Spring.

A special friend, who lost his son in an accident, donated a Blue Spruce to plant in our yard.

We had several friends donate White and Pink Dogwood trees that are in bloom right now. Travis's Truck is parked in the midst of these beautiful plants. We think of him, when we drive his truck, and feel close to him. We recently drove it to Upper Bidwell Park and took a hike along the creek, to Bear Hole and Salmon Hole - familiar treks for Travis through the years.

A reminder to Travis - if he can see us - that He Will be Remembered - ALWAYS!!!