I had to work the day of Travis's Heaven Day this year - year 3 - so I watched the sunrise on the way to work - with a cup of coffee to start the day - remembering Travis - there seemed to be a 't' in the clouds and the moon was still visible - this overlooks the Eastern Sky from high above Chico. That evening, Brandon, Ringo (our grand pup) and our niece Andrea got together for pizza and some time around the firepit that was built in Travis's memory - we are sitting on the Memory Bench his uncles made the week of his services. Jared and Joanna were sick, so could not join us this year. We were wishing someone knew how to play the harmonica while we had our bonfire - Travis was our entertainer, but we can't hear him from Heaven. I also took pictures of the memory flowering plants we enjoy this time every year - the tulip trees and the bleeding heart plant. Travis - wish you were here.

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