Heart Hands
March 18, 2008

Travis has now been in Heaven two years. The missing hasn't changed, but we have had to pull together the pieces of our lives and try to find some peaceful and fulfilling moments. Spending time with our sons helps us remember the good times we had with Travis, and we see bits of Travis in them from time to time.

We thought of several options for his Anniversary this year, and settled on a Frisbee Golf Course overlooking Upper Bidwell Park - between Forest Ranch and Chico - Travis loved hiking in Upper Park and spent a lot of time there. Brandon picked this spot for our anniversary moment this year - it was a place that he and Travis had spent time together. It was a beautiful evening and very peaceful.

The 6 of us that were together when we got the news - 2 years ago - (Randy and Claudia, Brandon & Cora, and Jared and Joanna) went to a spot where we could see the canyon, and the sunset. Cora and I spent the afternoon remembering Travis together and looking at his pictures. We made Apricot Coffee Cake (Travis loved Apricots) - and coffee, and took Randy along with us to meet the boys and Joanna to watch the sunset and remember and honor Travis. It was a beautiful evening and very peaceful. There was a flock of wild turkeys in the canyon - we could hear them moving all around. Travis used to practice making turkey calls with his friends in our living room, so this seemed special to us. Our Family is not complete without Travis - never will be . . . but we feel his presence at times, and hold his memory close.

We stayed until dark - there was a bright moon that lit our way back to our cars.
The pictures below will help us remember the moment - until next year . . .

We love you Travis - our dear son! We miss you so much, but we are glad you are safe in Heaven with the Love of our Father and his Son all around you! Love Mom, Dad, Brandon, Jared, Joanna (your first sister), Cora (who loved you like her own brother), and the rest of your family & friends . . . We think of you all the time & keep your memory fresh by sharing stories about you - good stuff that you would love to hear!

Pictures taken in Pismo Beach on Travis's Anniversary

My Cousin Traci was thinking of Travis on his Anniversary this year at Pismo Beach, CA, a place that our family has visited on several occasions, and where Travis has ridden his dirt bike & a quad on the dunes. It was too foggy to catch the Sunrise (which she knows have special meanings to us), so she took pictures to send us of the Sunset.

Traci's Thoughts: "I was thinking of you and Travis when I looked out the trailer window and saw this rainbow. I just had to get pictures, even if they aren't that clear. There are two pictures that just look like gray sky. If you look close in the center there is a rainbow.

When I saw the rainbow in the clouds, the first words that came to my mind were, "God's Promise." In thinking about it then, I could only think that God has promised he will never leave you or forsake you and that he has Travis and is taking care of him. I cried. There's really nothing like a rainbow when you need to hear from God to be reminded of his promises to us. It seems whenever I have seen a rainbow, it is when I have needed a touch from Him. I think of you all often and pray for continued healing and peace.