Celebrating Travis on his 21st Birthday


August 21, 2007 Would have been Travis's 21st Birthday. We couldn't let the day go by without a celebration. Cora and Brandon worked hard to put together an intimate family gathering to honor Travis. Brandon's house was decorated so nicely, and they prepared a wonderful meal. We didn't know until the day before what we were going to do for sure, so at the last minute we called Randy's parents (who live in town - Claudia's parents live 3 hours away so we couldn't include them on such short notice) and our niece Andrea (who was like a sister to Travis) and they joined our family & Cora and her Mom for the celebration.

We had the #19 on his cake (a Chocolate Earthquake Cake) for the 19 years God shared him with us on Earth, and a #2 for the two birthdays we have celebrated while he's been in Heaven. We were planning on playing Beyond Balderdash - because we have great memories of the unusual answers Travis used to write as definitions to words no one has heard of before, but it ended up being a very Melancholy Evening for us, so maybe we'll play next year. We miss you Travis!